All-in-one Big-Data platform

About Delta Digital

A sustainable and flexible all-in-one big-data ecosystem based on a holistic approach.

A team of specialists, passionate about new technologies & progress

With our innovative in-house developed technology platform owners and operators in the maritime, real estate and the industrial sector now have 24/7 direct access to real-time information to manage their assets, minimize costs, optimize maintenance and lower their Carbon-footprint.

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In-House Technology

All of our solutions are developed in-house according to the latest industry standards. No dependencies on 3rd party technologies, expertise, or tertiary support channels.

Highly Qualified Engineers

Our team consists of highly qualified engineers with each their own expertise. We have decades of in-house experience in IT, IoT, Maritime and Industrial projects.

No hidden costs

You only pay for what you use. No 3rd party tooling or software involved. No license-fees or complex cost models.


Delta Digital operates brand independent and can connect to almost any installed device, system, or interface. It has a modular build-up, is easily scalable, and safe to use in even the most critical industrial environments.

How we work

We offer our platform both out of the box and whitelabel



Let us take a look at your business case, industrial assets and what you want to achieve. Determine the scope of the project.


Plan the project according to inventoried information and provision your Delta Digital cloud environment with the basic configuration.



We implement the Delta Digital platform in your business, out of the box or whitelabel.


Data is coming in and you can start creating your own dashboards, reporting tools and benchmarks.

Optimization & evaluation

With your newly gained insights you can optimise your business processes

Support & updates

We are always ready to support you and implement any new developments.

Start your data platform now!

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We serve a diverse range of sectors and industries using dedicated partners to deliver additional value from their knowledge domain.

Example use-cases

Some examples of usecases and assets you can connect to our platform.


Collect data from all your on-board systems and assets such as engines, generators, cargo systems, HVAC, fuel tanks, batteries, navigation and dredging equipment. Our system has been accepted by DNV on cybersecurity and components.


Measure power consumption, HVAC performance, occupation and connect your building automation system. Benchmark your assets between multiple locations.


Gain comprehensive insights in your HVAC equipment such as chillers, pumps, cooling towers, airhandlers and more.

Energy and Fuel

Measure and improve fuel and energy use from your generators, production plants, wind turbines, PV, and buildings. Get new insights into your renewable energy consumption, production and keep it manageable.


Measure and calculate (energy) cost per amount of produced product. Compare performance of assembly and production lines. Monitor your energy plant in realtime.

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