Data solutions

Unlock valuable insights from your industrial data!

At Delta Digital, we understand that your business can gain valuable insights from the vast amount of data generated by your machinery, plant and HVAC systems. With our advanced Data solutions, we offer you the perfect combination of domain knowledge from our experts and the powerful tools and capabilities of our DD platform, enabling you to gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions.

Data warehousing

We securely unlock valuable information from your machines and plants with our DeltaOS platform. This information is securely stored in your own environment.

Data availability

We can aggegrate, sort, and filter collected data. We can make this data available both real-time and historically to external applications such as ERP, PowerBI, or other solutions through our API.


Our industry, automation, refrigeration and IT experts help you extract valuable insights from your data. With innovative DeltaOS platform, you also have a powerful toolset at your disposal to edit and visualize data.

Getting started is easier than you think!

Our specialists will work with you to determine the right data strategy for your organization. Getting in is easy because of our standardized platform, so you can start getting valuable information and making fact-based decisions right away.